About JD Dukes

JD Dukes is an entrepreneur and business development strategist whose work has helped numerous clients turn their respective businesses around. From being on the brink of bankruptcy, JD was able to get companies out of the red and helped them regain their footing in the industry to which they belong. Some say JD is a miracle worker, while others regard him as a business-savvy professional who works magic for his clients. For JD however, he is neither a miracle worker nor a magician. He simply knows what to look for and where to look when he performs his duties as a business development strategist.

Being a business development strategist, however, wasn’t always part of his plan. Back in high school, he loved photography and tinkering with his toy cars. He also loved taking things apart and then putting them back together in a completely different way. Early on in his young life, he already knew that he wanted to be an engineer when he grew up. He just wasn’t sure at the time which field in engineering to focus on.

When it was time to choose a college course, he decided to go with mechanical engineering. And so he enrolled at The University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, Wisconsin, where JD Dukes completed his undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering.

How did JD get into business development?

JD was recruited by Key Technical, a recruitment and staffing firm that focuses on the placement of technical professionals, including engineers. JD’s business development skills were put to the test when the company badly needed help in growing their business. Luckily, JD was able to turn the company from one that earns less than two million a year to one that earns a profit of more than 15 million annually! He is also instrumental in the company’s inclusion in the prestigious Future 50 program; a program that recognizes private businesses for their revenue and employment growth.

Finding fulfillment in this achievement, JD Dukes decided to also focus on business development. As a business strategist, he has helped businesses that aren’t performing as well as they should. By identifying factors that contribute to their stagnancy or minimal growth, JD was able to develop strategies and techniques tailored to each of his clients’ needs.

From concept to planning, delivery, and execution, JD is always on top of his projects. He knows that the only way he can help businesses achieve their goals is by staying focused on what the company needs—even if they are not aware of these needs at the time.

These days, JD divides his time between his role as a business development strategist and a mechanical engineer. He loves doing both and he has no plans to give up one over the other for as long as he can.

Do you have questions for JD? You are encouraged to get in touch with him for questions about his services. Rest assured that he’ll try his best to answer all questions sent his way. You may reach him directly through this site.

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