The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Program

JD Dukes played a key role in the development of the (Subject Matter Expert) SME program for Alan Barry Consultants. For the reader’s reference, Alan Barry Consultants is a staffing and engineering consulting firm that provides clients with technical professionals and general staffing services. The SME program helps the company’s recruitment team with the qualifying process; enabling them to provide each of their clients with the exact professional that they need.

Anyone in the staffing and recruitment field would understand the difficulty of finding an employee that is a perfect match to the employer, and vice versa. With the SME program, the process of finding and matching employers to employees or business owners to professional services providers is given a more in-depth approach.

By hiring SMEs who are experts in their respective fields, and having these SMEs work closely together with the firm’s recruitment team, only the most highly qualified candidates pass the rigorous tests and interviews, and ultimately emerge as the crème de la crème. And it is these recruitment processes, and the tag team of SMEs and recruitment staff that JD Dukes was instrumental in developing.

SMEs and the job scoping process

When you need a particular professional for a job, you need someone who has an in-depth knowledge of the profession to help you with the hiring process. For Alan Barry Consultants, it is the SMEs’ job to ensure that only the right personnel will be shortlisted for their clients.

An SME that was hired by the firm for his or her expertise in the field of mechanical engineering, for example, will know the right questions to ask and the answers to look for when scoping out candidates for the job. In most cases, Alan Barry Consultants invites the SMEs to conduct their own interviews with the candidates. And it is this meticulous, and carefully laid out recruitment process that sets the firm apart from others in the same field.

Thanks to JD Dukes, the SME program has so far managed to match the best employees with the right employers, or technical professionals (engineers, IT specialists, CAD experts) with the right projects.

There are various other aspects of the recruitment process, and the steps included therein largely depend on the firm. For Alan Barry Consultants, the best approach is to have a Subject Matter Expert on their team. Different job positions and projects require different SMEs; which is why the firm has a robust team of SMEs, each an expert in his or her field, to work closely with the firm’s recruitment team.

Become an SME

If you wish to be a part of Alan Barry Consultants as an SME, you are encouraged to apply! Please visit the firm’s official website to find out the requirements needed to qualify for the SME position. You may also directly apply thru their website.

Please visit this page again soon as JD will be posting more updates about the SME program in the coming days. For more about JD Dukes, kindly visit his About page on this site.

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